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EBBETS FIELD DEPARTMENT 56 CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY SERIES – Celebrate baseball’s glorious history with this lighted memento of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ world famous stadium. Includes historical information highlighting the important role that Ebbets Field played in the annals of our nation’s favorite pastime. 11" tall and 9 1/2" wide. 
BROOKLYN THEN AND NOW – In hard cover. A pictorial take on Brooklyn as it was, and as it is now. Pictures, some more than a century old, are juxtaposed with the same scenes as they exist today. Brooklyn Bridge, Fulton Street, Grand Army Plaza, Coney Island, Prospect Park, Borough Hall and The Green-Wood Cemetery.  They're all in here in 144 pages of nostalgia and modern pride.
BROOKLYN BRIDGE AT NIGHT- This high quality glass paperweight is brand new, but it takes its inspiration from the old glass paperweights of the early 1900's.  The Brooklyn Bridge is the best known and most loved symbol of Brooklyn, and has been since 1883.  3 1/2 inches square.  
CONEY ISLAND PARACHUTE JUMP– This beautiful, high quality glass paperweight is brand new.  Originally built for the 1939 World's Fair, the Parachute Jump was used to train paratroopers for World War II.  It then survived as a favorite ride at Steeplechase Park for many, many years. Refurbished, plans are being made now for its future use. 3 ½ inches square. 
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